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DE/RIVE Hair & Scalp

DE|RIVE is a noninvasive topical treatment we provide at Herrington Aesthetic for hair restoration. It's a patented technology designed for hair and scalp health, aiming to restore your natural hair and confidence.


Hair Growth Support

Helps fortify the bulb and stimulate hair growth, promoting thicker, healthier hair.

Brushing Hair

Blood Flow Enhancement

Improves blood flow to the scalp, promoting nutrient delivery and hair growth.

Hair Model


Decreases inflammation on the scalp, creating a healthier environment for hair growth.

Windswept Hair

Cell Renewal

Helps remove dead cells around the follicle, supporting healthy hair growth.

Hair Model

Hydration Boost

Increases scalp hydration, ensuring optimal conditions for hair follicle health.

Hair Serum_edited.png

Cytokeratin 15 Boost

Increases cytokeratin 15 proteins, vital for fortifying the hair and promoting hair growth.





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